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A Life in Hungary

A film about resilience in an era of severe system changes

Fall of the Berlin Wall 30 years ago

In 2019 it is 30 years ago the Berlin Wall fell and 100 years ago World War I formally came to an end. The borders are open now. In Western Europe we are welcoming Europeans from Central Europe. But do we understand their background and history?

Most of the Visegrád countries hold different views on immigrants and the EU. For many people in Western Europe this is difficult to understand. It is not always easy to get some common ground as Europeans.

With my documentary I want to make a little gesture. I invite you to experience the period between World War I and the Fall of the Berlin Wall in one of the Central European countries: Hungary. It offers you an insight into what happened after World War I and during the socialist era. And into the impact of it on nowadays mentality and politics.

A story about Central Europe

‘A Life in Hungary’ is a documentary about a Hungarian woman who was born in the early twenties of the last century. Here name is Klári. She lived almost a century of Hungarian history. What does her story tell about the Central European history? The big societal changes in Hungary of the last century come alive in the personal stories of Klári. Prof. dr. Gyarmati György and Slachta Krisztina from the University of Pécs give us the historical context.



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