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A Life in Hungary

A film about resilience in an era of severe system changes

“Often I am very very critical, but in the Hungarian scoring system I would give this documentary a five with a star” (NB for the Dutch: a 10+)

 – Hungarian philosopher

Status of the documentary

In February 2014 the documentary was presented to the family of granny and the granddaughter (a private premiere). In August 2015 was a private try out for friends and relations  in the Nertherlands. In November 2015 there was a premiere in Budapest for Hungarian friends and relatives. I am planning the first public presentation on November 1 2019.


With a little help from my friends

This documentary couldn’t be made without the committed help of my Hungarian friends. An Hungarian experience. And I will not forget the professional assistance and personal support I got from Paul van de Wildenberg, my friend and professional documentary maker.



For comments

If you like to leave a comment about the documentary, please visit my personal website.

If you like to leave a comment about the event ‘De Hongaarse ziel en de val van de Muur’ November 1 Amersfoort, visit my event page of my personal website.

Yes, with a little help from my friends…

Klári: grandmother. Katalin Szirmay: granddaughter. Kriszta Slachta: historical comments. Professor György Gyarmati: theory of system changes (University of Pécs). Produced by ‘The Good Company’ which is: Frank Ottenhoff: script, camera and editing, Marie-José Roosen: connecting people, Katalin Szirmay: organising and interviews, Magdaléna Csoti: subtitles and critical help, Kriszta Slachta (University of Pécs): historical expertise.With the help and inspiration of Paul van den Wildenberg: documentary maker. Katalin Szirmayné Barázda and Tamás Szirmay: hospitality and care. Köszönöm!


Drs. Ir. Frank Ottenhoff

Hogesteeg 91

3826 HD Amersfoort

The Netherlands

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